Musa Tribal Belly Dance - Beauty in strength and synchronicity
What's it all about?
Tribal Bellydance is a modern dance form which fuses the strongest bellydance movements with flamenco posture. 
Debra Napier is the Director of Musa Tribal Belly Dance.  She performs and teaches ATS (American Tribal Style), Tribal Fusion and fire dance and thrives on collaborating with other dancers.

About Debra
Debra found her passion Tribal Belly dance in 2004.
She is a collaborator, teacher and eternal student.
She ran the first NSW Student Soiree in 2005 and hosts the biennial Australian TRIBAL AND TRANCE FEST which will be held from 10th - 12th October this year!
She is a classically trained pianist and singer and has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Education.

Updates & News
Term 1 begins Tues 4/2 at St Anne's Church Hall, Walder Rd, Hammondville

Bookings Essential.  Please call or email on details below.
Further troupe and performance info can be seen on my BLOG.
Ph: 0412 665 129
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